We want to make rainy and sunny days comfortable

Our products are manufactured with the thought that "we want you to spend a rainy day and a sunny day comfortably".

It goes beyond quality, functionality and operability, and consideration of environment and safety. As a professional umbrella and parasol manufacturer, we will serve our customers.

Pursuit of functionality

Our products pursue functionality.

The material selection and design are taking into consideration the lightness and durability required of umbrellas and parasols, as well as the durability as long-lasting umbrellas.

Environmental and safety considerations

The fabrics used for our products are manufactured in Taiwan.

Manufactured at a plant certified to Ecotex® Standard 100, it is manufactured in a non-toxic, VOC-controlled environment (effectively reducing the incidence of PM 2.5 with volatile organic compound recycling equipment).

Our partner factory

Our partner factory is in China. There are many umbrella factories in China, but we specialize in mainly for Japan, and we have partnered with factories that can handle high quality products for department stores and specialty stores.

An umbrella that won't become trash

I think that many people are thinking that "the umbrella will break quickly, so it is enough to throw it away."

However, umbrellas are a combination of various materials such as fiber, iron and plastic, and because parts are fixed by bonds, etc., they are products that can not be easily disassembled and recycled. That's why we want to provide products that are hard to break and last longer.