72 grams of super lightweight folding umbrella

A combination of carbon fiber frame and 15 denier fabric, with a light weight of 72 grams.

In addition, it is wind resistance structure that can withstand wind speed up to 15m / s, and ultra light umbrella which balanced lightness and robustness.

It is an environment-friendly umbrella and a wallet-friendly one because you do not have to buy an umbrella even if it rains suddenly by having an umbrella ready.

As an umbrella for commuting and attending school, it is also useful for business trips and travels.

What is the secret of lightness?

With the goal of developing an umbrella of 80 g or less, we have reviewed the parts used from scratch.

We applied the parachute cloth manufacturing method to the umbrella fabric, and woven it with 15 denier of the same thickness as the yarn used for stocking.

The umbrella frame does not use conventional steel and glass fiber materials, and has been changed to a combination of light and strong carbon fiber and aluminum, to achieve weight reduction.

Improve the shaft thinner

Improved shaft thickness from the conventional pentagon 79. The thickness at the time of storing of the umbrella became thin by 0.5 cm by this, and it became thin as only 3.5 cm.

Strong against the wind!

Not only the lightness is the same frame design as the Pentagon 79, and the durability is the same.

We conducted an experiment using a wind speed of 15 m / s, and we found that there was no damage.

Nano Technology Strong Water Repellent, Continuous Processing "Easy-Dry"

The coating that maintains strong water repellency is "Easy-Dry".

By modifying the water repellent into fine particles of nano class, the water repellent coating penetrates deep into the fiber and becomes difficult to peel off.


Fabric composition: 100% polyester (lightweight ripstop) Nano technology strong water repellent lasting "Easy-Dry"

length of rib: 50 cm

Umbrella frame material: parent bone carbon fiber, bone receiving carbon fiber, shaft aluminum

Weight: 72g

Use diameter: 78 cm

Total length when stored: 21 cm / Width when stored: 3.5 cm


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完全遮光日傘 HeatBlockのプライス設定 (Tue, 08 Oct 2019)
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Kickstarterにて世界最軽量クラスの自動開閉折りたたみ傘販売を開始 (Thu, 03 Oct 2019)
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傘のOEM、小ロットでの対応 (Tue, 24 Sep 2019)
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細い・軽い・丈夫な傘 Super Slim Stick


強力撥水持続加工 Easy-Dry






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