Super Water-repellent Umbrella colont®

Product feature summary

  • Super water repellent umbrella of the water of the ball
  • The goodness of running out is long lasting
  • High waterproofness fabric with a degree of waterproofness of 1000 mm
  • UV protection 99.9% UPF 50 +

Smooth and comfortable, super water repellent umbrella

I hear a lot of complaints about "water loss" such as "water repellency disappears immediately" and "I'm having trouble getting wet and treated after closing" regarding umbrellas. So Amvel Inc. has developed a super water repellent fabric that specializes in "water loss".

The water drops are not sticky, and they become ball-shaped and play water, so the fabric for umbrellas with surprisingly good drainage was born.

Amvel Inc. thoroughly conducted inspections by a third-party inspection organization, and clearly quantified the water repellency performance that can not be experienced when purchasing.

Mechanism of super water repellent

The contact angle of water repellent used in conventional umbrellas is about 90 to 110 degrees. If the contact angle is low, the water droplets will become dome-like and the contact surface with the fabric will be large. If the ground surface is large, water droplets will easily remain on the fabric.

The contact angle of "colont" is about 140 degrees. The larger the contact angle, the more the water drops will be in the form of a ball closer to a perfect circle. If the contact surface with the fabric is small, water droplets will not easily remain.

Shake lightly a couple of times after using an umbrella, and almost no water droplets will remain, and water droplets will not bother you when taking a train or storing in a bag.

※ The contact angle of 140 degrees is the measurement result by the third party inspection organization.

"colont" has a contact angle of about 140 degrees.

The larger the contact angle, the more the water droplets become more like a round ball.

The contact angle of the conventional umbrella is about 90 to 110 degrees.

Since the dome-like water droplets have a large ground contact surface, the water droplets tend to remain.

Super water repellent lasts

I bought a new umbrella and the water was good for a while, but the water got worse after a while ... so there is no such experience?

The cause of poor drainage is deterioration or peeling of the water repellent coated on the surface of the umbrella fabric.

The water repellent material is made of the same "fluorine" as car wax and is easily degraded.

So "colont" focuses on the fact that the water repellent is easy to peel off and improve the water repellent and the fabric. By finely dispersing the water repellent particles to the nano level, the water repellent penetrates to every corner of the fiber. As a result, the water repellent will not peel off easily, and the good drainage will last for a long time.

※ In third party inspection organization, we carry out washing test to degrade umbrella cloth artificially. Although the washing test was repeated 30 times, the highest result of 100 points with the same evaluation as before washing was obtained.

Fabric before water repellency test
Fabric before water repellency test
Fabric after water repelling test 30 times
Fabric after water repelling test 30 times

Umbrella with a degree of waterproofness of 1000 mm

High water resistance to heavy rain

As a standard for waterproofness of umbrella, 250 mm is a standard level.

"colont" has 4 times the waterproof performance and can withstand heavy rain.

※ The degree of waterproofness is measured with a non-seam fabric.

※ The finished product of the umbrella has a sewing point, the degree of waterproof of that part is not 1000mm.

With waterproofing test

  1. Fix the lid with a cloth in a cylinder of 1 cm 2 in diameter
  2. Put water in the tube and apply water pressure to the dough.
  3. When 3 drops of water drop come out, measure the height of the water surface.
  4. The measurement result is the water pressure resistance of the fabric, expressed in mm.

UV protection 99.9%

"colont" is also effective for UV protection. In the UV measurement by a third party inspection agency, the numerical result of UV screening rate 99.9% is given.

We are receiving an order for OEM utilizing Colont® fabric.

Currently, it is plain only production and auto print production is undecided. Production of silk screen printing is possible.

colont® Long

Fabric composition: 100% polyester

length of rib: 70 cm

Weight: 485g

Umbrella frame material: intimate glass fiber

Receiving fiberglass

Inner rod aluminum

Handle: maple

Use diameter: 122 cm

Total length when stored: 94 cm / Width when stored: 12 cm

colont® Folding

Fabric composition: 100% polyester

rib length: 55 cm

Weight: 252g

Umbrella frame material: intimate glass fiber, iron

Receiving aluminum

Inner rod aluminum

Handle: Willow (willow)

Use diameter: 92 cm

Total length when stored: 37 cm / Width when stored: 5 cm