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With umbrella OEM

OEM refers to the manufacture of goods sold under your brand name. Also, a company that produces OEM products is called an OEM. Amvel Inc. assists in manufacturing your brand umbrella.

Want to order an original umbrella?

Even small organizations can enter

OEMs are not limited to companies capable of mass production and mass sales.

Umbrellas can be entered even from small lots, and you can exclusively sell your own original designs.

It is an age when you can buy umbrellas anywhere, such as convenience stores, stations, mall, drug stores, etc. It is the attraction of OEMs to create products that can not be bought anywhere.


Start with a small lot

Amvel Inc. receives orders from 600 pieces.

Depending on the selected parts, it may not be possible to produce 600 pieces. 


Umbrella is a product that continues to sell well

Umbrella is said to have existed for 3000 years, and we think that it is a product that is in demand as long as it rains in the future.

There is also the advantage of being able to sell in a small space. On the other hand, there are many cheap products, so it is necessary to have functional added value and originality of design so as not to get involved in price competition.


3 Reasons to Choose Amvel Inc.

One of the few OEM specialized umbrella manufacturers

Amvel Inc. has developed a business model focused on "Umbrella OEMs only".


Amvel Inc. representative has been in the umbrella industry for 25 years, most of which has been in umbrella production and planning and development.


There are many manufacturers that offer umbrella OEMs, but in reality there are few companies that specialize in "only umbrella OEMs".


Even if you do not have the experience and know-how of ordering umbrellas, you can work with Amvel Inc. and you can deploy high-quality, high-performance umbrellas.


High-performance material can be used

Amvel Inc. is developing its own products.


For example, it is possible to combine a super lightweight folding umbrella bone developed by Amvel Inc. with a fabric of your company design.


Not only umbrella bones, but also special fabrics such as super water repellent fabric and light shielding fabric can be provided.


Have high quality know-how

Instead of manufacturing products according to the customer's instructions, we are developing proposed OEMs such as "How do you change this?"


Since we also know the quality well, we can be careful not to give out any defective products from the stage of specification creation and material selection.


Umbrellas are products where quality control is unexpectedly difficult, and we always aim for quality improvement through cooperation with high quality suppliers.


In addition, China mainly manufactures umbrellas, but there are hundreds of umbrella factories in China. Each plant has advantages and disadvantages, and Amvel Inc. manufactures at the most suitable plant according to the project.


Started business with 106 companies in 45 months

Amvel Inc, a startup company established in April 2016, delivered to 106 companies in just 45 months.

We are pleased to offer high quality, quick response and product suggestions that take into account your brand image.

In addition, we have received inquiries on the assumption of new transactions at an average pace of 10 cases per month.

Flow to delivery


Before entering the quote, we will hear about the brand image, the quantity to be ordered, and the specifications. You can exchange e-mails and phones.



We will make an estimate based on the content of the hearing. We think that we can tell estimate result in principle 2-3 days, but when we use special parts or may have time for estimate a little during busy season on the factory side.



If you agree with the contents of the estimate, we will start making samples. Since the sample before the official order is made by combining existing parts, it will be an image sample.


【04】Official order

Check the samples and if there are no issues please issue a formal purchase order.

After confirming the purchase order, we will start sourcing the material.



Proceed to the process of cutting, sewing and assembly based on the received material. We will inspect the entire product when it is finished. Also, we will send out pre-made samples of mass-produced products from the factory and ask the customer to confirm.



When all orders are complete, they are loaded from the factory into containers and transported by ship or by air from Chinese ports. Once import customs clearance is complete, it will be delivered to your designated location.


Umbrella OEM success points

The combination is endless!

There are endless possibilities depending on how you combine the three main parts of umbrella fabric, umbrella bone and handle. As long as the fabric produces the original print, you don't have to worry about hitting with competitors.


Umbrella bones can also be characterized by the choice of size, material and shape. By changing the pattern, color and material, various expressions are possible. Depending on how the three main parts are combined, the possibilities of variation are expanded.


Make mold

One way to bring out the originality is to create a new type of handle that can clearly show the difference from other products.

If the shape is not complicated, you can create a new mold for about $ 2,500.


Design when the umbrella is closed

When designing the design, be aware of what it looks like when you close the umbrella.

In particular, sales at retail stores are displayed with the umbrella closed, so it is important to see how it looks when the umbrella is closed if it can be used by the user. 



There are more than 600 minimum lots made in China, but less than 600 can be manufactured if made in Japan. However, there is a limit to umbrella cloth, umbrella bone and processing.


Material supply from customer

It also supports parts supply such as cloths, charms, weave names, and tags.

The supply of the fabric requires test production of commercialization. Please prepare sample material to be provided.


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