From hearing to delivery

We will guide you in the flow of contracting an OEM.

Please note that depending on the content of the plan, the flow may not be as shown below.

01 Hearing

It is a stage before entering into an estimate.

We will check your company's website etc before hearing to understand what kind of brand it is

We will hear about the brand image, the planned quantity, the specification, the design, the desired delivery date, etc. again.

Basically, it corresponds by mail and chat.

02 Estimate

We will make an estimate based on the hearing.

The quote will be replied in a few days.

When using special parts, it may take a little time for a quote response during the busy season on the factory side. We will create the specifications of the image at the same time as the quotation.

03 Create sample

If you agree with the contents of the estimate, we will start making samples.

Since the sample before the official order is made by combining existing stock parts, it will be an image sample to the last.

It takes about 3 to 5 weeks to make a sample.

04 Official Order

Please confirm the sample and if there are no problems, please issue a formal purchase order.

After confirming the purchase order, we will proceed with the material arrangement. At the same time, we will also check the packing method.

05 Production

Proceed to the process of cutting, sewing and assembly based on the received material. We will inspect the entire product when it is finished. Also, we will send out pre-made samples of mass-produced products from the factory and ask the customer to confirm.

06 Delivery

Once your order is complete, it will be loaded from the factory into a container and transported from a Chinese port to your designated location by ship or air.

Please tell us the points you want to emphasize

Please let us know the important points of product planning.

I think that design, quality, delivery time, cost, but the material arrangement route, the selection of the factory will change depending on the important point.


Delivery date

Delivery times vary depending on what parts are used.

It takes about 3.5 months to 5 months from receipt of a formal purchase order to delivery.

The meaning of meetings and quotations will be lost if you deviate greatly depending on the desired delivery date and actual delivery date, so please consider when delivery is required.



It depends on the order lot, payment conditions, annual transaction amount, and how much quality the factory is used.

The delivery price is approximately 40% to 60% of the general retail price as a rough guide.


Selection of umbrella fabric

There are various types of umbrella fabrics.

If you would like to use this kind of dough specially, look for the dough at Amvel Inc.

Basically we recommend polyester fabric which is stable in quality. In addition, we cope with dough supply from your company.

In the case of original print, please submit data in AI format. Also, since the print has a pitch, pitch adjustment is performed by Amvel Inc. In that case, print data may be scaled up or down to match the print pitch. Please specify color with PANTONE (C and TPX).


Selection of umbrella frame

Estimated costs and lots vary depending on whether you have a long or folding umbrella, or a few centimeters in size.

In addition, the cost changes even if it is a folding umbrella or a lightweight type and a strong type, so please let us know if you have decided on what kind of umbrella bone you want.

Unless otherwise specified, Amvel Inc. will propose bones with stable quality and cost performance.


Selection of parts

Other than umbrella fabric and umbrella frame, it is necessary to select parts such as steering wheel, stone bump and dew point.

If the parts meet the production lot of umbrella fabric and umbrella frame, there is generally no problem with the lot, but please inform us early if you want a special one. In particular, the handle is made of plastic, wood, or aluminum, so the appearance differs greatly depending on the material selection.


About quality

Amvel Inc. emphasizes quality. Customers will be separated if there are many defective products in the original products manufactured by great effort. Umbrella is a product that is manufactured by human hands and inspected by visual inspection, so it will cause quality blurring by all means, but we strive to prevent defective products as much as possible.

Factory selection

All Amvel Inc.'s partner factories are in China, but we select and manufacture high quality factories.

They are manufactured at factories that mainly produce products for department stores and specialty stores, and are thoroughly managing dangerous materials.


Inspection system

The factory carries out inspections at the material stage, inspections with semi-finished products, inspections with finished products and all inspections in three stages.

Depending on the factory, it removes from the finished product and carries out inspection.


Third party inspection

We can arrange an optional third party inspection company at the pre-shipment stage according to the customer's request.

We will find defects that will be missed even at the final inspection of the factory.

If the factory inspection report alone is uneasy, a third-party inspection company will issue an inspection report.


Physical property inspection

Physical property inspection by a third party inspection organization performs inspection by option.

As a typical inspection, the strength of the umbrella frame, fabric fastness, water leakage etc. are inspected.


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Amvel Inc. uses fabrics produced at the OEKO-TEX certified plant.

Fabrics with specific aromatic amines are not used.


About order lot

When manufacturing umbrellas, there are MOQs on each of the "fabric", "frame" and "handle".

Fabric MOQ

The minimum order for fabrics is from 300 yards per color. The width of the umbrella fabric is 62 inches and 66 inches.

The number of production will change depending on the size you finish.


For example, when produced with one color 300 yards

  Rib size Number of production
General ladies' long umbrella 60cm

400 piece

General men's long umbrella 70cm 250 piece
Common folding umbrella 55cm 450 piece

Umbrella frame MOQ

Umbrella frame changes lot by what kind of bone to use, but basics need minimum piece of 1200 pieces-3000 pieces by 600 pieces, special thing.


Handle MOQ

The basics are 600 pieces, special ones and a minimum of 1200 pieces to 3000 pieces are required.


For example, when combining a long umbrella and a folding umbrella

When manufacturing 600 pieces in 3 color scheme with a common ladies long umbrella (parent bone size 60 cm).

200 pcs black, 200 pcs navy, 200 pcs khaki, a total of 600 pcs manufactured. A minimum lot of umbrella frame is achieved with this.

The dough is over 150 yards in each color. Fabric minima and Frame minimum can be achieved by manufacturing folding umbrellas (Rib size 55 cm) with this surplus fabric by 200 pieces of each color × 3 color arrangement = 600 pieces in total.


For example, when combining a long umbrella and a raincoat

When manufacturing 600 pieces in 3 color scheme with common ladies' long umbrella (Rib size 60 cm).

Black piece, navy 200 pieces, khaki 200 pieces, total 600 pieces manufactured. A minimum lot of umbrella bones is achieved with this.

The dough is over 150 yards in each color. Produces a raincoat with this extra cloth.

The length of the raincoat also varies depending on the size, but about 2.0 to 2.5 yards are required to manufacture one piece for ladies, so a raincoat of 180 pieces to 220 pieces can be manufactured.

※ In raincoat, lots of buttons and fasteners occur. In that case, parts will be provided from Japan to the factory.


OEM production of raincoat

If you can not digest the minimum lot of fabric with an umbrella alone, we recommend that you simultaneously manufacture and digest the raincoat, rain poncho and ego bag, etc.

At the cooperation plant of Amvel Inc., there is a raincoat sewing plant in the same plant as the umbrella plant, and it is possible to manufacture simultaneously with the umbrella. However, since the raincoat is made by using umbrella fabric, it is not possible to produce a "completely waterproof type" raincoat.



It is possible to make one SKU small by combination.

In addition to the raincoats listed above, we also support production of eco bags that apply umbrella fabric.

The item calculation will be complicated by the specification and design, so let's start the lot calculation at Amvel Inc. Please feel free to contact us.


About delivery time

Umbrella OEM delivery time

Delivery time will take approximately 3.5 to 5 months.

Umbrella parts relationship will start after receiving an order. With apparel, if you have stock of fabric and stock of buttons, you can manufacture with quick response, but in the case of umbrella, production will start with no parts at all.


When manufacturing a new product

When manufacturing a completely new product, we will take a color beaker to confirm the fabric color in advance before ordering.

It takes about 10 days from the request of the color beaker. If the color is to be corrected, another 10 days are required.

Also, before the color beaker, it is necessary to confirm the specifications and confirm the prototype.

It will take 1-2 months for preparation before ordering if you do enough confirmation work, so please consider a schedule with a margin.


When developing an umbrella frame or umbrella fabric that does not exist already

If you do design from scratch, you need a development period as early as six months to one year.

Some products may take more than a year depending on the level of difficulty.


If you hurry up the delivery date

If you are in a hurry, do not make prototypes or beakers, and sometimes order umbrella bones and umbrella cloths when you leave the car.

There are about 70 days until the umbrella frame and umbrella fabric are aligned, so specification of details may be decided in the meantime.

However, please note that the umbrella frame and umbrella fabric ordered ahead can not be changed.